I like to think that I make the world a more colorful place. I love to tattoo. Period. Of all the things said here, that might be the most important. Every project is an adventure in spontaneous creation, an opportunity to make a new friend (or reconnect with an old one), a great story to share, and an electrifying moment of transformation and camaraderie. There is no practice more exhilarating to me than tattooing.

I decided in high school that I would be happiest pursuing a career in the arts; formally, and informally, I have practiced numerous forms in the two decades since--from woodwork to printmaking, calligraphy to Adobe. I graduated from Arizona State at the turn of the century and began to explore the medium of tattoo. I have progressed steadily and naturally from working on myself, to a few brave friends, to a growing, international clientele.

My family and I moved to Portland in 2005, where I continue to enjoy a flourishing and diverse array of clients, with an abundance of creative ideas and no shortage of perfect "canvas". I would be remiss without mentioning the immense appreciation I have for this honored position--a 'thank you' to every one of you. As such, my tattoo and art workload can get pretty hectic, please be patient when contacting me--it may take a day (or a week) for me to reply. But, I will; I am as excited to tattoo as you are to be tattooed.

Artistically, I strive for boldness, precision and singularity. I have a fondness for the flow and sensibility of Eastern tattoo and I am heavily influenced by West coast comic surrealism. I prefer large-scale, full-color, multiple session tattoos. However, I welcome any new project with enthusiasm, an open mind, and an experienced palette. Art and tattoo are ever-evolving and so is our place in them--to compartmentalize our expressions only limits our imaginations.

 Right on, thanks for taking the time to check out my site and artwork. In 2010, my wife and I opened The Jade Mermaid Tattoo Parlor in downtown Portland--a swanky little place on W. Burnside & 15th. We have recently moved on to more exclusive digs in the lower level of the historic Bradshaw Building on NW Johnson and 19th--811 NW 19th Ave., B101. If you would like to work with me on your next (or first) tattoo, shoot me a note, call me at the shop, or just stop by and chat me up--I am usually around in the daytime, Wednesday through Saturday. Click the location tab to find your way.